Tuesday, October 10, 2017

week 7

10/10 Gene Roddenberry do research looking for own direction. Good starters. Client request design and manufacturing and need to learn of the clients interest area.

Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry - was the author who wrote books in science fiction in a well known series of Star Trek. Fandom equivalent wikipedia for Star Trek to help with research. Particular viewpoint on what the future could hold: ideal, characteristics such as empires, senses of self government, particular sorts of story lines of human necessities. exploration of the notion from Roddenberry's views through his books and shows. Google Scholar to use for this subject. Google Books. Star Trek and Sacred Ground. worldcat.org 3 essays to be looking at in this book.

social and cultural force:


10/12 making two chimera, one printed and ready fdm, the other using sla technology liquid resin. deadline october 31st. working on Roddenberry research whilst this. export as stl to process.

layerization- extrusion of what each layer can increase and increase.
export, save it to a removable drive. check the size of the model. figure out conversions from milimeters.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Week 6

create a 3D printed figurine Feburary 15th Pensacon gift bags with the printed stuff. Star Trek stuff. end of the course January would be when the people get done.

10/05/17 critique was today. Great critique only thing to note is put a patent on the actual vase and look to sell it for money.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Week Five

9/26/17Mesh Mixer- 3d concepts, work with found materials. Collage tool.
can get for free
simple interface for 3d modeling. Mud tool or clay tool. push objects around
3s formats :
stl file stereo lithograph
obj file
amf file
ply file [old file]
off file
mix file

exports mix files, stl known for 3d printers, obj, dae, ply, amf,wrl, smesh
Chimeras make at least 3 of them. no real theme. idea of the chimera. use found material, use resources

edit 9/28/2017: So I made a small moquette of what I wanted to do and to figure out exactly how I want my space in a vase project wanted to look like and this is the research I found out.
 Originally this was going to be a hexagonal vase but I decided to only do four sides since I am going to have each seasons constellation on the belly of the vase.
 One thing that bothers me and that I am going to fix is make the belly bigger and make the neck of the vase smaller. So the first trapezoid on the top of the vase will be smaller along with the next two trapezoids.
I will be tracing the original outline of the side in illustrator and see how the adjustments I made work.

More moquettes I made after fiddling around in illustrator to give it the square big belly shape I was going for. I'm feeling slightly defeated so I am thinking about going back to the hexagonal shape the original creator made and just add onto that. I don't really trust my math on if I even got these polygons and tabs right.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Week Four

critical info for the project.

limitation: using no more than five sheets of the 24 by 36 paper. Showing examples. Maybe rethink the project?
moving back due date due to limitation
using tension and/or gravity 3d space still needs to be about a foot in a half.
decorablog.com room separator carved from stainless steal
midsummer light by tord boontje
Lamp making designs
architectural designs
october 2nd person coming in about something for pensacola
october 5th critiquing project.
extra credit for people who turn in their research today for their project they wanted to do but couldn't fit in the requirements.

Older idea was not good anyway, limited 3d space from the shield. A majority of it would have been too flat of an object.

New ideas: shadow art
make a 3d sculpture with representational objects in an abstract form and make a 2d form through a shadow completely representational.

something with wax paper. Something that will light up. Make a thumbnail at home with paper.
fall-pumpkin-jackolantern... too cutesy

Ideas of since the world is more familiar with Madusa's head being off her body wanted to do a physical representation of what her headless body after being decapitated. Did a quick sketch of the such and did some lines that might help me sculpt the body however it may be too ambitious for this project since we are still figuring out how the machine works with the exacto knife.

Another idea is a bouquet of the universe. Having each planet scattered in a vase and working around in a vase [possibly paper made]. Easy to make vectors simple with this concept so the exacto knife can glide easier and little to no mess ups to worry about possibly happening. could draw constellations into the vase with a pen in the CNC.

Week 3 Debrief

Do prints of each ai file.
draw inspiration to do more than 25.

Fablab hours
Sunday 12-4pm
Monday 5-930pm
Tuesday 7-930pm
thursday 5-930pm
friday 12-4pm
saturday 12-4pm

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Week Two Debrief

Tuesday - Shift in culture and process
Hegemonic force taking hold in world culture.
Karl Marx- writes das kapital trying to demonstrate heirarchial free market into peoples lives.
1867 meaning walter benjamins work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction tied to photography.

Nature of beauty is shifting. “Why is this a dominant force?” Super structure - analogies in crisis of art making. Marxism talks about methodologies of power and capital also could mean money. Majority of people giving their labor away without getting anything physical immediately. In that act of not producing the direct labor that you are alienated from yourself and the world. Creating a sense of distance. Destroyer -- the aura.

Uniqueness of the distance.


Computer Numerical Control. - CNC
4ft by 8ft platform , transam riding over it moving the tool back and forth on coodinates
Set up:
File types
Setting up platform or buildplate

Securing of the material

Thursday - Plan ahead before the deadline.
Finish the model
contact the print tech
get work printed, file corrected, time open to do the print.
Calender that all techs can access, floating duty, working with people whenever available.
Got one of my drawings in the CNC.

Week One Debrief

Notes for the first day

Repetitions of shapes and recurring of regular arrangement.

Crystals and trees

Working in illustrator with the idea of aesthetics, meaning the study of beauty.

Homework is due tuesday Sept. 5th. Minimum of 25 simple images in Illustrator with these ideas.

week 7

10/10 Gene Roddenberry do research looking for own direction. Good starters. Client request design and manufacturing and need to learn of th...