Thursday, December 14, 2017

Final Project Letter

Hello Thomas and Katie,

            I just wanted to say I appreciate the both of you presenting me this client-based project for Star Trek and Richard Picardo. I may not have come into this class knowledgeable, or a fan of Star Trek, however I can say that now I am a fan after creating this project! In this small letter, I want to tell you how I got the inspiration for this project, how the process went, and what I want to work on for future prints.
            When first presenting to the class I wanted to do something with the ship, I wanted to do a moment in time trapped in a sculpture, then later I was given the push of doing something like a memorial for a crashed Enterprise. The more I researched the more far away from the subject I got, so my focus went on creatures of the Star Trek universe and my eye went to the Hengrauggi (AKA Big Red) from the movie. I did not know this at the time, but Big Red was actually designed by one of my favorite creature designers named Neville Page. His other creations also include the creatures from Avatar, the Cloverfield monster along with the other creatures, and he did more work from the Star Trek movie. In combination of this I believe being around statues that are made for video games in a video gaming store, a lot of inspiration came from making the figure.
            The first thing I started out with was the human form. I didn’t know the easiest way to start this, so I looked up how to manipulate a “T” pose in Meshmixer, but I found out an easier way to manipulate a 3D model is to go into Maya, it has a skeleton feature that lets you move a human body by its joints. Once I got the figure into the position I really liked I exported it as an obj file, and uploaded it to Meshmixer and sculpted the figure to have a face, have clothes, and boots. I then found a phaser obj file on a website called GradCAD. I made the rock out of two shapes that were in Meshmixer and worked on making them as organic as I could. I then started adding shapes on the other side of the rock for Big Red. Once I had all the shapes in the right spots I sculpted the body inside and out. Big Red might be my personal favorite thing to really look at on this small sculpture. I had so much fun building the muscle, the fat, and the ligaments of the creature. A big process I also wanted to mention is that the first 3D print ended up breaking, and I had to remake another one.
            The next thing I plan for this project is to make Big Red and the “Kirk” figure detachable from the rock formation. I want to detach them so people can pick them up and look at them, and it would make painting the figure so much easier on me personally. Which painting the figure properly is the next thing I want to do. I used cheap acrylic paint for people to get an idea of how the figure is imagined in my head. I definitely want to get better paint, and not just paint them but also airbrushing the figure would be good. I do want to dedicate time to make every piece look exactly like it should, sand each piece, paint each piece, maybe even gloss Big Red, because in the pictures I was using as reference he is shiny or wet.
            It was already a huge honor to be presented this project, and I will be even more honored to have been chosen to recreate my project that I have been working very hard on. I did pour my heart and soul into this project. If I may, and this opportunity is to come up again, I would be more than happy to work on something like this.

Thank you so much,

Bethanie Lee

Thursday, November 16, 2017

More Star Trek Ideas

Instead of the idea of tragedy maybe the idea of victorious statues like sculptural memorials of winning wars in the US.

I found these two statues I am unfortunately familiar with because of my job at GameStop, but I did see inspiration hit from them. I like the idea of the bottom one being hidden behind the wall but what if I hide a figure behind that wall, and then another figure also battle ready behind the other side.

I have an idea that I want to have a character hiding behind some kind of huge rock formation hiding from a Hengrauggi. A Hengrauggi (also called big red) looks like this
Created by Neville Page who I am actually a huge fan on. I love his creatures, his other creatures are the cloverfield monster and it's parasites, and the animals from the Avatar movie. This will be a challenging creation since I have not found any STL's of the Hengrauggi so I will need to create him myself. I will study the creature over the weekend.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Week something stopped counting

Fusion 360 stuff

interface notes : top bar - data panel

stuff made before and collaborative designs with other users

menu for new, saving, exporting

quicksave button, undo redo button, username on the very right and help panel.

work space comes at you with a 3D isometric view of the x y plane. Square on top right lets you view your object in a cubic view in other faces, tiny home lets you view it from how you originally view it.

open sketch menu and lets you see different shapes. Other tools you can use with your sketch. Thomas starts with line and gives a small tutorial on how to use the line. Gives you three different build planes. XY being the ground YZ coming off the ground. Place a point and automatically and mathematically adjusts to where you can go next.

Modifying the square with press pull in the modify section. In create area can use extrude. Select the plane to extrude it. Click on it and pull up with the mouse. Can also let you type in the amount of measurement you would like it in mm. Can also modify in the extrude window that does pop up.

sketches live as blueprints in the program and seeing a tree that forms each movement you make in the body that you make. Able to turn them on and off to assist. Lightbulb turns the image on and off.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Art Board for Star Trek ideas

remnant or a piece of the ship that that would have been out of how many pieces out of how much was found. And a memoriam to the fallen enterprise and what that would look like.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

week 9

preform software to do the set up for 3d printing

used an STL file

have supports on your structure to help it

finds a position that will have an optimal support. ability to modify the support. red part in the system is the program warning about the area not being supported. can always give the right amount of supports.
Depending on the actual model, preperation, and clean up take about 3 in a half hours.

Next step is preparing the material. tool box get the gloves. Gloves are to protect the vat and lazer can cause print to fail. liquid resin always keep horizontal. clear version two. remover the cover and goes into the machine and clicks in. take out the tank and carefully open up the lid and put in the feet that matches the feet on the tank. Take the lid off and click the lid in there. Any resin that comes out will mess up the process. whole is the window for the light. Can damage the optical path. click the wiper into the printer and stirs the material. Print platform with a lock the lever to hold into place. Close the printer top. FDM printed today

10/26/2017 edit:

I have my second chimera printing on the resin printer which I am slowly but surely falling in love with. After my experiences of working on 3D prints from a FDM printer (painted DND characters for my group I played with), I like the quality of the print from the resin printer more.

My Roddenberry project I have an idea cooked up to do the captain's chair. . This is Adam Savage's build of the chair so I got to take a look at the chair in good detail since Adam was very into the idea of it being 99.99% accurate to the show. I started thinking along the lines of knowing that there already are 3D prints of such an iconic item in the show, and I started thinking along the lines of what if I made the chair look disheveled, broken, or even maybe neglected. I want to research of any kind of war or violent act that took place in the interprise on behalf of the show. May take some extensive research or maybe even just interviewing a huge fan of the show. I did just ask some friends on facebook of any major tragedies that have happened on the enterprise and he listed some descriptions that have happened, so I will look up those descriptions and maybe even watch those episodes when I find them. I can find inspiration in those episodes. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

week 7

10/10 Gene Roddenberry do research looking for own direction. Good starters. Client request design and manufacturing and need to learn of the clients interest area.

Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry - was the author who wrote books in science fiction in a well known series of Star Trek. Fandom equivalent wikipedia for Star Trek to help with research. Particular viewpoint on what the future could hold: ideal, characteristics such as empires, senses of self government, particular sorts of story lines of human necessities. exploration of the notion from Roddenberry's views through his books and shows. Google Scholar to use for this subject. Google Books. Star Trek and Sacred Ground. 3 essays to be looking at in this book.

social and cultural force:

10/12 making two chimera, one printed and ready fdm, the other using sla technology liquid resin. deadline october 31st. working on Roddenberry research whilst this. export as stl to process.

layerization- extrusion of what each layer can increase and increase.
export, save it to a removable drive. check the size of the model. figure out conversions from milimeters.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Week 6

create a 3D printed figurine Feburary 15th Pensacon gift bags with the printed stuff. Star Trek stuff. end of the course January would be when the people get done.

10/05/17 critique was today. Great critique only thing to note is put a patent on the actual vase and look to sell it for money.

Final Project Letter

Hello Thomas and Katie,             I just wanted to say I appreciate the both of you presenting me this client-based project for Star ...